The Lease Application
Approval time is greatly improved if the lease application is filled out completely. Some key areas are (a) bank reference, complete with phone numbers, account numbers and the name of a contact person, and (b) three trade references. Trade references should be someone with whom you are presently doing business, or have done business on a charge basis (i.e. suppliers, other lease companies, fuel, feed, etc.). Be sure to include phone numbers and the name of a contact person. It is very helpful if the lease applicant tells his references that we will be calling (especially the banker) and asks them to cooperate in providing the information we request to process the lease application.

Lease Application Guidelines
The following guidelines indicate the documents needed to apply for our various lease programs:

Farm Equipment Lease

Commercial Equipment Lease

Lease Approval Guidelines

Lease Application Forms & Worksheets
To access our online printable application forms and worksheets, please click here.

Lease Approval Time
With a completed application package as described above, lease approval time is usually 2 to 4 business hours.